View Full Version : Name My Ute (Dazzled)

11-02-2006, 20:28
Hiya everyone

Newbie here, totally enjoying this site though, wish I found it ages ago.
This is my second ute but I've never named one yet. Any suggestions appreciated!!

To help, a bit about me and mine
Its a dual cab rodeo
I have 2 (rather feral) kids
Am a wool classer/rousie and shear-left handed
Hubby is a truck mechanic
I mostly drink vodka

So usually I am hauling kids or shearers about with my dog in the back.
Thanks heaps in advance


11-02-2006, 21:34
Hi dazzled, hmmm it's a tough one. I've been struggling to change mine to something more relevant for my new ute after carrying on the old name but i'm sure it will come. It might be a bit long winded but all i can think of is something like '' In it for the long blow''.
Happy name hunting anyway:thumbsup2

13-02-2006, 09:28
Got one!! a mate commented on my taste of music and it clicked ECLECTIC!!
Since I use my ute for hauling 2 very different lots of people around and my music taste is a big muddle of different styles.